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Speaker- Author- Public Radio Producer

"Connie Goldman is on to something. It's called life. Life for all of us who used to be considered on the other side of the hill."

.........JIM LEHRER Journalist,
Host of the  PBS Newshour.



Connie was formerly on the staff of National Public Radio in Washington, DC., where she had the experience of hosting both the daily and weekend broadcasts of NPR's news program All Things Considered. She also produced and broadcast many documentaries, art reports and feature stories.

Over twenty-five years ago at the age of 50 she felt called to go out on her own to explore the positive aspects of aging in a culture that seems to be obsessed with “staying young”. Her explorations led to conversations with many famous public figures on a variety of issues related to aging, as well as collecting interviews with hundreds of what she's labeled, "extra-ordinary older persons". Through her public radio broadcasts and distribution of her audiotapes, CD’s, and books, Connie has offered listening and reading experiences that encourage living life to the fullest in midlife and the years beyond.

Connie has been a sought-after speaker for more than two decades. Her presentations offer encouragement and inspiration for making positive transitions and continuing to deepen and grow in the second half of life. "I believe it's important….no, it's imperative… that as we age we focus on what is gained with the passing years, not what is lost.”

"Our attitudes make a great difference in whether we see aging as a crisis or a quest", says Connie Goldman as she develops themes for "conscious aging". These are the values and activities that nurture creativity, awareness, and continuing emotional and spiritual growth as we age. To read some of Connie's thoughts on conscious aging, click here.

"Connie Goldman offers information and inspiration. She believes, as I do, that growing older need not limit a person's imaginations or creativity. Her programs present positive images of aging that can be role models for us all."

.......NORMAN LEAR, 
Act III Communication, Inc.


Connie Goldman Productions

Established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity in 1983 to develop and distribute information and materials that illustrate what we might gain with age, not only what we lose.